Create Your Virtual Tower of Books!

For many people who love to read, we've always dreamt of that fairy tale library filled floor to ceiling with our favorite works - Booktower allows you to make one virtually! Fill your customizable tower with books, fan fictions, comics, manga, and more then share it with your friends.

Customize Your Tower

Booktower allows readers to create customized towers that match their reading style! Pick from a growing selection of bookshelves and wallpapers to make your room represent you and what you like to read.

Follow Your Friends

With Booktower, you can easily follow your friends book rooms to get updates whenever they're reading something new!

Track Your Stats

Easily track what you're planning to read, actively reading, or have read in the past with statistics around your reading habits.

Collect Trophies

Coming Soon
Collect and display trophies based on your reading habits right in your tower!

Ready to Build Your Tower?

Booktower is currently in private beta!Join our waitlist to get access as we send out invites.